Totem Eagle and Quilting Ruts

Hello internet friends!

After a summer of sporadic quilting I launched into the fall with a sewing to to list as long as my arm. I’m trying to power through it, but honestly I’m slipping into a rut thanks to quilter’s burnout. You know that thing where you just get tired of the sewing and piecing and pressing, and it all starts to feel like a chore? That’s where I am at. I have about 6 quilts in some stage of completion, but my creative edge has gone into hibernation, and all I want to do is nap and Netflix binge.

The last time this happened I decided to close the door to my sewing room for a few weeks and indulge myself, but this time I have too many looming deadlines so I’m trying to revamp my sewing mojo. I have a guild quilting retreat coming up soon that I’m going to use to finish one old project and start (maybe finish?) one newer project. In the meantime, I’m looking for small projects that I can make and rack up as a quick win.

So when Kerry  (aka KidGiddy) asked if I wanted to test a paper piecing block for her, I was alllll over that.


Totem Eagle by HollyGetsQuilty, pattern by KidGiddy

Behold: the Eagle Totem! Kerry made a version in April Rhode’s Bound, but I was feeling warm fall tones–jewel blues, coppers and rich red-browns. There are bits of Friedlander, Rhodes, and Katarina Roccella’s prints in there as well, and I added a bit of embroidery.  He’s glorious and is the first little wall hanging I’ve made for my little boy’s room–I think Bran likes him, although he insists it is a kitty and not an eagle at all, ha! It hasn’t totally solved the quilting rut problem, but being able to finish one thing (be it ever so small!) has given me just enough of a lift to pull out the next project on my list and at least look at it, so I’m just going to call this a win!



This came together in one night, and if you are interested in making your own, the pattern is available here:

Kid Giddy Etsy Shop

Kid Giddy Craftsy

 So am I alone in getting quilter’s burnout? Anyone else have ups and downs in quilty mojo? What are your tried and true tips for getting out of a sewing rut?

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Dwelling Quilt with Art Gallery Fabrics

IMG_9173art-gallery-logo***This blog post is sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics. All opinions are my own.***

You know, any time Art Gallery Fabrics reaches out and asks if you would be interested in working with one of their lines, well that’s a pretty great day. And when that line is a beautiful as Katarina Roccella’s new line Imprint, that is a pretty fabulous day!

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a couple of months now. I searched the mighty Internets looking for a modern house block that was versatile enough to work with solids, modern prints, contemporary prints, or even a more scrappy look. I was ultimately inspired by the different versions of a particular style of wall shelf I came across several times on Pinterest–it reminded me of a framed out house. After I saw Imprint in person, the Dwelling pattern was a sealed deal!



Imprint strikes a truly lovely balance between neutral prints and tones that work like low volume in grey, and punchy blues, yellows and pinks that make for some contrast. The prints are modern with an urban block printed edge that I think works beautifully as blenders or feature prints (uh hi, that’s like the holy grail of prints). What I REALLY love is that my Dwelling quilt would look great in any space thanks to the Imprint fabrics–the pink (which is totally bananas in person–SO VIBRANT) doesn’t feel specifically feminine, it just adds the perfect spot of color!

IMG_9190 IMG_9191

I’m just all kinds of puffy-heart-eyes over these grey blenders! These prints are beautiful in  pictures, and straight up STUNNING in person–one of those rare lines that look even better once you have them in your hands. See the background print in the bottom right block pictured above? It is a soft grey with the prettiest aqua droplets and it is destined to become a new top for me. It’s pretty magical and my newest obsession.

Clean, modern lines and saturated color paired with timeless neutrals and an updated take on a house block–basically my heart is straight up exploding. I’m thrilled with how this quilt turned out–what would YOU make with Imprint? Also, is there any interest in the pattern for my Dwelling block? Let me know what you think in the comments!

In case you  missed the links above, here is a handy list of links for more Imprint goodness!

Art Gallery Fabrics

Imprint Fabrics Lookbook

Katarina Roccella

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Watershed Quilt


Watershed Quilt by HollyGetsQuilty

I have been neglecting my poor Watershed quilt–I finished it last fall and entered it into the small quilts category at  QuiltCon 2015 and it it was accepted! It didn’t win any prizes but it was so cool (and such an honor) seeing it hanging in the show among so many other beautiful quilts. I’m entering it now in the Spring 2015 Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

This quilt pattern was inspired by the Native American symbol for a water house and I imagined each circle was a different cross section of a canal or water tower. Living in the desert has made me more aware and grateful for water, especially since the last several years we have averaged only an inch or two of rainfall. It is 29′ x 28′ (114″ diameter).

I quilted Watershed on my domestic machine in patterns that simulate movement of water (or at least that is what I was going for!) I left some larger sections unquilted to reflect the way that water ripples with some irregularity. Ironically, the only feedback I received from Quilt Con was that it could have been more densely quilted. To each their own I guess!IMG_6517-2

The quilt top is made using a combination of foundation paper piecing with both a printed pattern and improv piecing. I pulled a mix of my favorite blues and blue-greens from my stash, and the background is Essex Linen in Flax. The circles are not reverse appliqued as some had assumed.

IMG_6524-2 IMG_6532-2

The back is simple improv piecing.

IMG_6533-2 IMG_6534-2 IMG_6545-2 IMG_6549-2

I have the pattern pieces made for this, but the instructions aren’t quite written up–my goal is to have Watershed, San Tan Star, and a paper pieced Totoro Totem all done and available for purchase by the end of June, so if you have any great resources on how to write a pattern, PLEASE pass that on to me! It is so super daunting!

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Gene Pool Quilt


Gene Pool kit from Whimsy Quilts, by Holly Gets Quilty

A few months ago I partnered with the shop Whimsy Quilts to be a Whimsy Quilter for this year. I curated a special kit for one of the patterns they carried–this time we went with Gene Pool by Jen Kingwell. Most of the fabrics are from various Cotton and Steel lines, but I also added in some Anna Maria Horner, a dash of Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine, and a few solids to help break up all of the lovely pattern!


Now that it is all done up, the good news is that Whimsy Quilts will be offering kits for this same quilt so that YOU can make it! The kit will include the pattern, fabric for the quilt top, backing, and binding, all selected by yours truly!

I’m pretty in love with the results. I have to say that this was one of those quilts that I had to fight into finishing. First it spent more than a week in shipping (it got stuck in Tulsa or Seattle or something for DAYS–thanks USPS), then my whole family got sick for 3 weeks, plus I broke TWO different sewing machines in the course of working on it (due to faulty manufacturing, not because of the quilt), and then when it came time to quilt I just couldn’t make it happen on the small machine I am borrowing, so off to the quilter it went!


In the process of agonizing over this quilt I have loved, wrestled with, and then loved it again. I am planning on offering this one for purchase, but it will be a hard one to let go of after all of the work I put into it and how hard I fought to finish it!

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Hawthorne Threads Coyote Giveaway Winner!

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First, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and commented! I am so glad you guys love this line and the warm reception for my San Tan Star quilt has been deeply flattering. For those who have asked, a pattern is on the way as soon as I figure out the best and easiest way to make the large flying geese units without paper piecing (which is how I made them), so keep an eye out here for a release date in May!

And now on to the winner! Picked at random, the lucky winner of the Coyote fat quarter bundle is…

random hawthorne

Ellee, who said:

“Such a lovely quilt! I’m working on quilts for several family members.”

Congratulations Ellee, please email me at so we can get your prize mailed out to you!

Thank you again to everyone who participated and a huge thanks to Hawthorne Threads for inviting me to participate in the Coyote blog tour and for their generous giveaway bundle!

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