Oh What Fun and a Sweet Holiday Set


I think maybe most people wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for the winter holidays, right? Maybe after Halloween if they are really excited?

Early Christmas decorators get a lot of flack for overlooking other holidays, but I just always think “these people must not sew, otherwise they would have started prepping in July.”


While I didn’t actually start in the summer this year, I did sketch out some plans for what I wanted to stitch up for holiday gifts, and I made a note to come up with a little bedroom set for Cora’s room this year. We are trying not to do as many gifts so that we focus on the more important parts of the Christmas holiday, but I still wanted December to feel fun, and festive, and special. I knew that I needed some super sweet winter prints and a few different ways to use them, and the new Oh What Fun line from Hawthorne Threads is PERFECT for what I wanted to do!


After lots of cutting and sewing and hand tying (using those skills I learned from the older quilters at church back when I was 12), I ended up with circle bunting, a festive word banner, a pieced cathedral pillow, a sweet (if somewhat wonky) stuffed tree, and a light whole cloth quilt (perfect for our relatively warm winters!)

Like a lot of Hawthorne Threads’ lines, Oh What Fun has the best balance between sweet and whimsy, with out being cheesy and cartoon-ish. I mean, if novelty prints are your jam then more power to you! I just really love that this line is something that she isn’t going to outgrow any time soon.


I mean, those animals faces were just begging to be fussy cut, right?? Major heart eyes over here for this print.


The circle bunting was so easy, and the way the colors get all punchy against the white wool felt was exactly what I hoped for!

hollygetsquilty circle bunting

The quilt was dead easy too–it is a 2 yard piece of backing (the Christmas ball print) and two layers of cotton gauze. I bought a 4 yard cut and just folded it over, pinned, tied with coordinating Aurifil floss and embroidery thread from my stash, bound and BAM. Super soft, cuddly winter throw. I think that this may have been my favorite piece. If you have never hand tied a quilt before, I think this is a super easy and more modern way to try it out. My only advice would be to pin the gauze way more than you think you need too because that stuff stretched like crazy!

hollygetsquilty easy tied quilt

I can’t wait for Cora to come home and see her spiffed up room today–she is going to be so excited (and I wont point out that it isn’t quite December yet!)


Do you want to get your hands on some of this gorgeous line? I know that you do–so how about a giveaway for THREE YARDS of this goodness?!


To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you would make with the fabric if you win! For a bonus entry, go check out the line HERE and leave a second comment with your favorite print from the line!

***WINNER: Jessica Schunke! Check your email!***

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183 Responses to Oh What Fun and a Sweet Holiday Set

  1. JessZ says:

    You did so many awesome things, so of course, now I want hunting and pillow covers…and a lap quilt!

  2. Jessica Marr says:

    I love those fabrics. I would make a tree skirt or a christmas quilt with them. And maybe some ornaments with the leftovers!

  3. Hannah says:

    So many cute things in your post! I’d probably make a lap quilt if I won, but I’ve also had my eye on a fabric Christmas tree pattern

  4. Hannah says:

    and merry and bright in sweet is probably my favorite!

  5. Sarah Jay says:

    I am so inspired by that bunting! I would probably make those and a couple holiday pillow cases to spruce up our bedrooms for the holidays. My son would love those animal prints and my daughter would be all about the colors.

  6. Ana says:

    Cora’s room is adorable. I would make a modern hexie quilt for my niece Claire, she lives in Alaska, and this fabric would be perfect for any kind of quilt pattern.

  7. Sarah Jay says:

    My favorites are the border prints! I usually don’t go for them, but they would be so awesome on a gift tote.

  8. Laura says:

    I always procrastinate my Christmas sewing! But still always attempt to make all. The. Things! Lol! I’d love to make a minky backed throw to keep on the couch!

  9. Mary Ann says:

    After seeing yours, I am pretty sure I need a Christmas bunting of my own!

  10. Mary Ann says:

    I love merry and bright in sweet. Those triangles are awesome.

  11. Laura M says:

    My favorite print is carolers in spruce. Who can resist those faces? Certainly not me!

  12. Laura M says:

    I love those little faces, so would start with a pillow featuring them, then move onto pouches, mug rugs and other small gifts for friends and loved ones far and wide.

  13. Ana says:

    Baubles in Glacier Blue is my favorite fabric. My niece lives by The Mendehall Glacier in Juneau. This fabric also reminds me of the time I lives in Juneau. (for 16 years) I miss the people but not the winners.

  14. Michelle M says:

    Oh, this is so wonderful! I’m in love with the cathedral windows pillow. It’s just perfect with the animals! I’d definitely do that, and then probably also a lap quilt. I’ve never tried using double gauze in a quilt before, and now you’re making me want to try it!

  15. Carol Fraley says:

    I love the idea of the stained glass window, maybe make it into a quilt. Make some ornaments too!

  16. Carol Fraley says:

    I love most all the fabrics, but if I have to choose just one, it will be
    Dashing Through the Snow in Dahlia

  17. Ursula says:

    Oh so lovely!!! I would love to try making a quick whole cloth quilt with gauze as you did. It looks so nice and I could just imagine snuggling with it! ❤️

  18. Ursula says:

    And I love the whole line but I think my favorite would be the baubles print in shell that you used. It’s just so sweet!

  19. Jonna says:

    I think I might have to copy you and make that garland. And maybe the tree pillow. It’s too cute!

  20. Donna says:

    I am so inspired by your gauze cuddly quilt! This would be perfect for my warm climate- just enough soft layers without the heaviness! I want to try this.

  21. Molly Plasters says:

    The whole cloth quilt is such a great idea! I would love to make some matching stockings for my family. Our kids are still very young, so we don’t have any “family” Christmas items yet.

  22. Donna says:

    My favorite is Carolers in Sweet!

  23. Molly Plasters says:

    Merry and Bright in Spruce would be my fav. Next in line would be those adorable Carolers. Love it!

  24. Kathie L says:

    I have a granddaughter who loves pink. Something for a toddler bed.

  25. Chelsa says:

    super cute! i am a fan of bunting so this made me so happy! i love how you tied the quilt with different colored floss! what a cute fabric line! I would love to make stockings with the snowflake print! great job!

  26. Kathie L says:

    I like the Carolers in Sweet.

  27. Diane B says:

    Holly, I’d have to try your winter throw, and am anxious to try hand tying. Thought that was a forgotten method:) Your garland is too sweet! Thank you for sharing all your Oh What Fun goodness.

  28. Lisa Marie says:

    I’ve been eyeing these fabrics for a quilt but after seeing your pillow, I might have to make one of those too! So so cute!

  29. Lisa Marie says:

    Wonderful fabrics in this collection! I’m terrible at choosing just one favorite, but one on the short list is Baubles in Shell.

  30. Margo R says:

    I love love the bunting! The double gauze and whole cloth quilt is great Also like all the Oh What Fun Fabrics!

  31. Rachel says:

    The colors in this line are GORGEOUS! I would love to make a hexie stocking from this collection!!

  32. Rachel says:

    My favorite print from this line is the Baubles in Shell. Those animal faces are too cute to resist!

  33. I would like to make a whole cloth quilt for a special little boy!

  34. Lori Morton says:

    You are sooooo Creative!! I would love to make that pillow!! and a cozy throw..and a tote bag for my take projects with me!!

    thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  35. Lori Morton says:

    I love the Baubles in Shell…. would use to make Throw for the Grangirlie! (but gets coooold in Ohio.. so I would back it with Minky! lol)

  36. Mardi Wallace says:

    I’d love to make the circle banner and the let it snow one. So cute!!!

  37. Mardi Wallace says:

    And I love the whole line but really like the baubles in shell color.

  38. Afton says:

    All Wrapped Up in Sprue is awesome, and would make most excellent binding.

  39. Afton says:

    I’d make Christmas stockings.

  40. mechele johnson says:

    I would make a Christmas dress for my 5 year old 🙂

  41. mechele johnson says:

    I love love love Caroler’s in Sweet 🙂

  42. Janie says:

    She is going to love the quilt with the double gauze. I would make a quilt if I won the fabric. Thank you for so much inspiration.

  43. Janie says:

    I love, love, love the all wrapped up in spruce! Thank you.

  44. karen s says:

    Wait! Your daughter has a goat’s “head” over her bed?? What crazy fun!

    Ahem. . .I would love to make some tree ornaments from those adorable Caroler faces.

  45. karen s says:

    I’m smitten with all three shades of blue snowflakes.

  46. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    i like the Dashing Through the Snow in Lake.

  47. Stephanie Allen says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the beautiful fabric to make lots of clothes for my daughter.

  48. Karla says:

    I like the snowflakes in onyx and the dazzle in onyx. For pillows on my son’s living room furniture

  49. Mara says:

    I would make some pillows.

  50. Mara says:

    Tough to pick one, but I would say, Sleighing Song in Sweet, is my favorite.

  51. Cat G says:

    My son really wants me to make him a teddy bear so that is probably what I would make

  52. Cat G says:

    I think my favorite is the forest fables but it is really hard to choose.

  53. Vaia Apostolidou says:

    Oh my! I love that circle bunting! With this beautiful fabric I would make one of these for my christmas tree!!! Yeah!!!

  54. Vaia Apostolidou says:

    My favorite from the new Hawthorns Threads’ line is the “Oh What Fun Border in Sweet”! <3

  55. Susan Spiers says:

    I would be excited with a room like that! Everything is just too sweet! I would love to make some throw pillows-what unusual colors fo Christmas-some of my favorite!

  56. TinaC says:

    I would like to try the cathedral windows pattern using this fabric for some throw pillows. This s a great way to show off the animal faces.

  57. TinaC says:

    My favorite is sleigh song in sweet….this would also work for the cathedral window pillow

  58. Robin says:

    I would like to make my own Off The Rails quilt. And your daughter’s room looks lovely!

  59. Jessica says:

    Love the bunting!

  60. Jessica says:

    I love so many prints from this line but I do really like All Wrapped Up in Spruce.

  61. Karen says:

    This fabric is adorable! I’d love to make a quilt for the couch out of it!

  62. Rochelle Summers says:

    Without a doubt I’d be making a quilted throw and maybe a pillow to go with it.

  63. Rochelle Summers says:

    I love “Dashing through the Snow” in all the color ways!

  64. Delaine says:

    This fabric line is awesome! I would love to make some quilted gift bags for Christmas with it. Thanks!

  65. Delaine says:

    It is so hard to choose a favorite, but I do love the Dashing Through the Snow in Onyx. Thanks!

  66. Emily says:

    Love the circle bunting! My girls would love it for I made them dresses!

  67. LINDA says:

    LOVE all the projects you’ve done>what inspiration! I’d make some fun animals for Christmas for Grandchildren+ a Charity Quilt too! Thank You for sharing on your neat Blog+this Giveaway!

  68. Beth Stanfield says:

    What a festive and fun room. Great work– and this bling. Hawthorne Threads is super!

  69. Beth Stanfield says:

    My favorites ( couldn’t choose just one) are the Animal Stockings panel and the Double Border print that they used for their hexagon tree skirt. So cute and easy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Shannon Patrick-Harden says:

    Everything you made is adorable! I would definitely make a throw quilt for the living room with a matching pillow. Perfect to use next to the fireplace on a cold evening!

  71. Shannon Patrick-Harden says:

    Aaah! After I looked at all the prints, I want the Stockings Panel in Spruce to make some fabulous stockings to hang on my fireplace! Still handmade, but easier!

  72. Ann Washut says:

    You sharing our process on bunting and “LET IT SNOW”. So cute!!

  73. Ann Washut says:

    YOUR PROCESS. Sorry! Really really cute!!

  74. Erin McSweeney says:

    i would make my cousin a baby blanket for her new little one coming soon

  75. Erin McSweeney says:

    my favorite is Dashing Through the Snow in Onyx

  76. Kathy E. says:

    With 3 yards of this lovely fabric, I’d make holiday placemats and a matching table runner. They would be gorgeous on my dining room table!

  77. Kathy E. says:

    My favorite (or one of them) is Merry and Bright in Spruce!

  78. Monica says:

    We just finished redoing our basement. We need a new quilt to snuggle under. i keep giving away all the quilts that I make.

  79. Monica says:

    I like all the Dashing Through the Snow fabrics.

  80. Andrea Loy says:

    Hmmm, maybe some cute larger Christmas buntings to hang all over my girls bedroom and a mini tree skirt for their tree!

  81. Cheryl B says:

    Your pillow with the fussy-cut animal faces is wonderful! I love pillows and quilting so I’ll make a pillow and a quilted throw if I win. Thanks.
    p.s. Your wonky tree is so cute!

  82. Steffi Cowan says:

    I would make baby bedding for new grandbaby.

  83. Steffi Cowan says:

    I like Carolers in Sweet the best.

  84. Ashley says:

    I would make some stroller blankets for my little one and her cousin!

  85. Ashley says:

    My favorite print is jingle bells in marigold!

  86. Marlene says:

    Your projects are so fun!!! I’m inspired. I’d probably see up some stockings for my nieces!!

  87. Marlene says:

    Oh my! The line has a stocking panel! Fun!! I love all the prints. My favorite is Baubles in Shell.

  88. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    I would love to make a Christmas quilt. Everything you made is so adorable and happy! I love that simple quilt!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    It is too hard to pick one favorite, so I picked two, Carolers in Sweet and dashing Thru the snow in Dahlia. Love this collection!

  90. I think I would make a skirt –
    Using Jingle Bells in seaglass

  91. Sara McConnell says:

    Pretty sure I’d have to copy your bunting!!! It’s totally on point! But I’ve never made an actual CHRISTMAS QUILT so that would be a must! Xoxo -Sara

  92. Sara McConnell says:

    This is BY FAR the best Christmas line I’ve seen!!! I love how subtle and sweet it is and not over the top! I think if I had to pick a favorite I’d choose ALL WRAPPED UP in Spruce!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Xoxo-Sara

  93. Yvonne Beyer says:

    I want to make pillowcases out of this beautiful fabric!

  94. LINDA says:

    HELLO, I love “Dashing through the Snow” in all the color ways!

  95. Denise Bryant says:

    I’d make a toasty warm lap quilt!

  96. Denise Bryant says:

    Favorite print…. Tiny Sleighs!

  97. Mom C says:

    My DIL keeps asking for a Christmas quilt but changing her mind about colors. Dashing would be great! Thanks.

  98. Mom C says:

    I really like Autumn Fawn right now. Thanks.

  99. Stephanie Allen says:

    I love dashing thrun the snow in onyx. I would make my daughter a violette field threads dress with it probably Odette.

  100. Aubrey Mak says:

    I would be making a perfect little button up shirt for my 2 1/2 year old I think!

  101. Aubrey Mak says:

    I think my favorite is Dashing Through the Snow in Lake. There is just something about that blue!

  102. MoeWest says:

    I would use this fabric for a Christmas table setting. You did a great job with your projects!

  103. MoeWest says:

    I like Dashing Through the Snow in Glacier Blue.

  104. Lisa theis says:

    I would make Christmas quilt for my grand kids.

  105. Lisa Theis says:

    So hard to choose, but sleigh song sings to me!

  106. Anita says:

    I would probably make a lap quilt.

  107. Anita says:

    My favorite is Baubles in Shell.

  108. marci says:

    It’s a toss up between a couple of pillow cases from the snowflakes or an apron from the christmas ornaments.

  109. JulieG-AZ says:

    I like Dashing through the Snow in all the colors.

  110. Melissa Quinn says:

    I would love to make a whole cloth quilt or a little girls dress for one of my 3 daughters

  111. Melissa Quinn says:

    Dashing through the snow in glacier blue!

  112. Tac says:

    I,d like to make a quilt for my sister from these lovely fabrics.

  113. Tac says:

    My favorite print is Dashing Through the Snow in glacier blue.

  114. Marie Eddins says:

    Love your innovative ideas, especially the cathedral window pillow and the cute little tree with pompoms! I’d have to make a pillow or two as well as some cute pillowcases for my little grandsons.

  115. Marie Eddins says:

    My fave is baubles in glacier blue. Thanks!

  116. Susan Brewer says:

    Such pretty soft colors would make a beautiful lap quilt and the bunting gets a 2 thumbs up with a snap!

  117. Karen C says:

    Love what you did with your daughter’s room. These fabrics offer so many possibilities that it’s hard to choose a project. I think I might make a pillow to start and your gauze quilt is adorable.

  118. Karen C says:

    I like the sweet palette best but love the snowflakes in all colors.

  119. Kelly Beck says:

    I love the baubles in shell!! I also love the caroler’s in spruce! I would make a tree skirt!!

  120. Gina Reiley says:

    I like pillows. I could always use a few more.

  121. Ali says:

    The pillows are my fav! Updating the pillows in my living room would really add to my Christmas spirit!

  122. Ali says:

    Dashing through the Snow is my fav!!!

  123. Kellie Warren says:

    I have my first grandbaby, a little girl, and i raised 4 rowdy boys, so i am all about all things girlie. I would make her some christmas pjs.

  124. Kellie Warren says:

    Dashing through the snow is my favorite for sure

  125. Beth in MS says:

    Love that marigold color, so any of the prints that feature it prominently would be my first choice.

  126. Dawn Voegeli says:

    I would make a tree skirt. Thanks!

  127. Gina S. says:

    I’d make a quilt or a tree skirt. I really like the spruce palette and the “carolers” print is super cute.

  128. Elizabeth S says:

    I would make pillow cases with this beautiful fabric

  129. Sue says:

    I love the garland that you made, but I would really like to make a pillow like your one with the cute animals!

  130. Sue says:

    I like dashing through the snow in lake the best.

  131. I love your pillows and would love to make some winter themed pillows myself.

  132. Dashing thru the snow, but all the fabrics in this line are sew cute.

  133. Heather Wright says:

    I would love to make some nightgowns for my daughter!

  134. Janis says:

    Wow! Love love love what you’ve done! My first thought is a little girls dress in the Carolers fabric but that bunting is amazingly adorable … Cuteness overload!

  135. KayB says:

    Merry and Bright is my favorite print because it would work for non-holidays too. Also Jolly.

  136. KayB says:

    I would definitely make a throw. Wonderful fabric line!

  137. Stefanie says:

    Carolers in sweet is my favorite for a Christmas quilt. Those animal faces are too cute!

  138. Stefanie says:

    I love both of your pillows. I would love to make a pillow and whole cloth quilt with the Oh What Fun line.

  139. Sharon Browne says:

    You made some beautiful things with this line! I especially like the pillow and Christmas tree, but the bunting is adorable too!

  140. Sharon Browne says:

    So hard to choose just one but I think it would have to be Dashing Through the Snow in Glacier Blue!

  141. Donna says:

    The spruce pallet is lovely, I could make Xmas and winter projects.

  142. Diane M says:

    Love all the projects shown on this blog hop. It’s hard to pick a favorite but think I’d pick Merry and Bright in Spruce. Thanks!

  143. Karen A says:

    I would make some festive pillow cases.

  144. Kathy Slaughter Cummings says:

    I would make ornaments and pillows! ! Thank you.

  145. Michele says:

    I narrowed my favorites to three…haha! I’ll just say that I’m a big fan of the spruce colorway.

  146. Kathy Slaughter Cummings says:

    I love Sleighing songs in Spruce! Thank you.

  147. Noreen Trotsky says:

    Love “Oh What Fun” looks like so much fun that I think I’ll make a quilt!

  148. Noreen Trotsky says:

    I think the Carolers in Sweet are hilarious! My number one pick!

  149. Andrea D says:

    Dashing Through the Snow in Seafoam and Jolly in Marigold would make great pillows for on my couch!

  150. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh! I love everything you made. I’d love to make a table runner and some decorations, and I might have to copy that whole cloth quilt idea. So cute!

  151. Jessica says:

    So hard to choose a favorite! How about three? I love All Wrapped Up, Baubles, and Carolers.

  152. Julie says:

    Carolers in Sweet! It is too sweet. I love the whole cloth quilt they made with it!

  153. Julie says:

    I really need a tree skirt, so I think that would be it!

  154. Licia says:

    Those animal faces! I think I would work them into tree ornaments for my granddaughters.

  155. Licia says:

    And I like the tiny sleigh pattern. Could see making gift bags from both colors.

  156. Beth Lynn says:

    “Oh What Fun Border” in spruce or sweet!
    I just love working with border prints,
    they are so much fun and one can do so much with them!

  157. Anita says:

    I would make an advent calendar!

  158. Meesh D. says:

    I would make a cute shirt dress for my 2.5 year old and maybe a few hair bows for the baby.

  159. Jenifer Farrell says:

    I love this line!

  160. Jenifer Farrell says:

    Anger I would make a quilt, for sure!

  161. Jean Blythe says:

    This fabric is beautiful! I’d make a baby quilt for my friend’s new baby and the garland with the scraps.

  162. Jean Blythe says:

    I love the Jingle Bell fabric in spruce and the Carolers!

  163. Quilting Tangent says:


  164. Quilting Tangent says:

    Dashing Through the Snow in Lake is my favorite.

  165. Janet T says:

    Love the Dashing thru the snow snowflake fabric. Any color!

  166. Janet T says:

    I would make a quilt, of course!

  167. janequiltsslowly says:

    I would make a holiday quilt or tree skirt if I won!

  168. janequiltsslowly says:

    My favorite print is the snowflakes on glacier! Lovely icy blue. I adore everything about snow, especially skiing.

  169. Nicole Sender says:

    I’d make a lovely quilt!

  170. Nicole Sender says:

    I like the fabric Collection: Oh What Fun, Print Name: Jingle Bells in Lake.

  171. Karrie Smith says:

    I would make a quilt

  172. Karrie Smith says:

    And my fave print is the Baubles in both color ways

  173. I am really loving garlands and think I would like to make one with the little animals. Now that I have seen your Let it Snow one, I am torn, I might have to make it too!
    Super cute!

  174. Crystal Edwards says:

    I think the bunting you made is really cool. I’d also make a child’s quilt. Love!

  175. Crystal Edwards says:

    My fave is probably Jolly in either color. They’re the least holiday-looking; more versatile, etc.

  176. Thunder says:

    I would make dresses for my granddaughters.

  177. Thunder says:

    I love the jingle bells !!! my favorite color is the Lake, then the peony, seaglass, onyx …
    Love them all.

  178. Lucinda says:

    I would love to make a quilt for my disabled Sister.

  179. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I would make a dress for my daughter. I love hawthorn threads! The things you made are to die for. I think I’ll copy that let it snow bunting- too cute!

  180. Dita says:

    I love the garland!!! Honestly I’ve been looking for a garland project that would be easy yet looks super cute. THank you for sharing yours and I’m so doing one just like that!!!

  181. Dita says:

    My favorite print is all wrapped up! Love it in both color ways but if I have to pick one I’ll pick spruce!

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