Fishing Net

IMG_9833I love testing patterns for friends. Whether I know them in real life or via Instagram, pattern testing is perfect for those times when I feel like I’ve lost my sewing mojo. It keeps me cutting and pressing and stitching and pulling fabric, and that usually kicks me in the pants and gets my creative impulses jumpstarted–it must be something about keeping up the tactile experience of sewing.

Suzy from┬áhas some seriously bomb modern quilts, and the two patterns I’ve tried recently have both been super easy to follow and the most recent pattern, Fishing Net was hands down the fastest baby quilt I have ever made! The pattern is simple and clean, and it’s definitely beginner friendly, but my FAVORITE part is that is is PERFECT FOR BOYS.

Fishing Net

Do you know how hard it is to find baby-boy quilt patterns? I mean, there are lots of “cute” patterns available, but I have found it is really difficult to find patterns that are modern without skewing feminine. Maybe you know of some you want to share with me? Anyway, this pattern. So so good for boys and girls–it’s all about fabric choice. And this quilt, which can be finished in one day (!!!) is crazy versatile depending on the fabrics and colors you pull. I used some Sarah Watson yardage I’ve been hoarding, a pretty grey linen blend that will wash up so so soft, and that bomb April Rhodes Canyon Wall print for both the top and binding. The quilting is simple because I like that for babies (it feels more snuggly to me) but this pattern has plenty of negative space just begging for some fab quilting!

Fishing Net

Fishing Net

This pattern is available NOW on Suzy’s website:


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  1. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I would love to be able to make all the lovely things but I am still a beginner and probably will be a beginner for quite awhile.

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