A Long Time Ago, In A Sewing Room Far, Far Away…

Where my quilting nerds at? I know you are out there–we are a small but mighty group, and we wield our seam rippers as deftly as any jedi can swing a light saber.

I love sci-fi. And I love quilting. So I like to think that if they got together and had a baby it would look a little something like this:

Star Wars Quilt by Holly Gets Quilty

I could talk about this quilt for days, but for sake of brevity, here is an easy-to-read bulleted list with all of the details:

*I have been saving fabrics for this quilt for about 3 years. They include lots of Carolyn Friedlander Architextures, Lizzy House Constellations, solids, an out of prints novelty Star Wars blueprint style print, and my beloved vintage Star Wars sheets. The background is Kona Charcoal, the backing is a black and white crosshatch with more sheets and extra triangle blocks.

*This pattern is the Triangle Wheel Block pattern by PileO’Fabric, and is available for free HERE

*This turned out to beĀ roughly twin sized.

*I made it for one of our best friends (and probably the biggest Star Wars fan I know) and it is his birthday and Christmas gift for at least the next decade.

*Yes, it was incredibly hard to give away. Yes I might still go steal it from his house.

*The quilting (which I totally forgot to get a closeup of! Shame on me!) is a pantograph that has X Wings and Tie Fighters in the quilting lines. It looks like this:

Star Wars Quilting Deisgn

Star Wars Quilting Deisgn

Star Wars Quilt

This was a true labor of love and I am going to miss it fiercly. I want to make one for myself, but until I can get my hands on more vintage sheets, I’ll just have to file this under “quilts I want to make in the distant future”. Unless you have a lead on where I can score some sheets?

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6 Responses to A Long Time Ago, In A Sewing Room Far, Far Away…

  1. Teresa Smith says:

    I love the star wars quilting design, could you tell me where you got the design. I have a statler long arm and would love to put that on a star wars quilt my daughter made.

    • Holly Gets Quilty says:

      Hi Theresa! My longarm gal already had the design but if you google “Star Wars pantograph” it will come up in the results! There is also another design out there with R2-D2 And C3P0 as well!

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  2. Laura says:

    Hi. I love your quilt. I’m making a star wars quilt for my husband and would love to used this quilting on it. I’ve found a long arm quilter that will do it if I can find the digitized pattern for the star wars pantograph. Even who made the pattern may be helpful. Do you have any information on the star wars pantograph?

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