Chalk and Paint Fabrics and Art Class Triangle Block

Logo-PNG2Did any of you grow up watching Saved By the Bell? My best friend Carly  could probably recite every episode line for line. I was too busy watching cartoons (I wasn’t as sophisticated as Carly), but still, that was the generation I grew up in so I’ll always have a place in my heart for their hi jinks and big hair.

None of this has anything to do with the new Chalk and Paint line by Caroline Hulse  (of Sew Caroline fame) for Art Gallery Fabrics, except that the fabrics I used for this pillow came together in this serendipitous palette that totally has me yelling “I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!” (only you know, less caffeine pills and crying). That’s not to say that this line is meant to be 90’s inspired–it just how it spoke to me. The collection as a whole has divine texture and colors that move and blend beautifully!


From the moment I saw the Brushed Triangle print in all of the instagram pics of fall Quilt Market, I KNEW that I would be making this into a paper pieced pattern. Like, duh. The print is so so good. The other fabrics I chose had lots of color and textural variety, which really gets you some serious bang for your buck when you do small piecing. You would never know I only had 5 prints and 2 solids in each block, right? I love it.

And as much as I super puffy heart love the triangle print, I have to say that I was totally surprised with this looker:CHP-50203-Untaped-Splatter-Frost-500px

I mean , HOW EARLY 90’s RADICAL IS THAT?? I’m pretty sure I had a shirt covered in the sister pattern to this print! I LOVE it. Like, I need someone to make this into a hundred different shirts for me. It’s so on point.

PicMonkey Collage

I pulled my background colors and general aesthetic for the project from this print. So what do you get when you combine a triangle pattern with this color palette?

Free Art Class Triangle Block-Holly Gets Quilty

It’s like the Kelly Kapowski of triangle pillows! Smart, precise, and oh-so on trend. I’m obsessed. Here is the good part: to celebrate the release of Caroline’s new line (and the fabulous triangle print that inspired me), I am making this pattern available for free! I want to see what you make with the Art Class Triangle block, so if you post on instagram please please do tag me (@hollygetsquilty) and hashtag the block with #artclasstriangleblock and/or #hollygetsquiltypatterns.


About the pattern:

  • The Art Class Triangle is a foundation paper piece pattern.
  • There are three variations of each section (A, B, and C) which gives you the freedom to come up with several different arrangements.
  • While the background pieces can be paper pieced, I found it easiest to use the provided foundation papers as a template and did not actually paper piece those sections on!

Free Art Class Triangle Block-Holly Gets Quilty

I seriously loved the prints I picked out–I’m already planning a top out of my two favorite prints, so I promise you wont be disappointed! And really , do your 90’s lovin’ heart and favor and get your hands on this stunning line!

And seriously, that triangle print is radical.

Free Art Class Triangle Block-Holly Gets Quilty

For an awesome (and easy to enter) giveaway, got to Caroline’s feed for details! And babes,  take some time to check out the rest of the tour–tomorrow the brilliant Chris, aka The Tattooed Quilter!


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  2. Holly, this pillow is adorable! I love that you felt the 90’s vibe. I TOTALLLLLY see it.. especially with the specific prints you have! hehe =D

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