Totem Eagle and Quilting Ruts

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After a summer of sporadic quilting I launched into the fall with a sewing to to list as long as my arm. I’m trying to power through it, but honestly I’m slipping into a rut thanks to quilter’s burnout. You know that thing where you just get tired of the sewing and piecing and pressing, and it all starts to feel like a chore? That’s where I am at. I have about 6 quilts in some stage of completion, but my creative edge has gone into hibernation, and all I want to do is nap and Netflix binge.

The last time this happened I decided to close the door to my sewing room for a few weeks and indulge myself, but this time I have too many looming deadlines so I’m trying to revamp my sewing mojo. I have a guild quilting retreat coming up soon that I’m going to use to finish one old project and start (maybe finish?) one newer project. In the meantime, I’m looking for small projects that I can make and rack up as a quick win.

So when Kerry  (aka KidGiddy) asked if I wanted to test a paper piecing block for her, I was alllll over that.


Totem Eagle by HollyGetsQuilty, pattern by KidGiddy

Behold: the Eagle Totem! Kerry made a version in April Rhode’s Bound, but I was feeling warm fall tones–jewel blues, coppers and rich red-browns. There are bits of Friedlander, Rhodes, and Katarina Roccella’s prints in there as well, and I added a bit of embroidery.  He’s glorious and is the first little wall hanging I’ve made for my little boy’s room–I think Bran likes him, although he insists it is a kitty and not an eagle at all, ha! It hasn’t totally solved the quilting rut problem, but being able to finish one thing (be it ever so small!) has given me just enough of a lift to pull out the next project on my list and at least look at it, so I’m just going to call this a win!



This came together in one night, and if you are interested in making your own, the pattern is available here:

Kid Giddy Etsy Shop

Kid Giddy Craftsy

 So am I alone in getting quilter’s burnout? Anyone else have ups and downs in quilty mojo? What are your tried and true tips for getting out of a sewing rut?

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  1. Tamar Jones says:

    Whatever happens, try to keep your passions. Through your pictures, I know that you are very talented. You can find out the way yourself.

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