Dwelling Quilt with Art Gallery Fabrics

IMG_9173art-gallery-logo***This blog post is sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics. All opinions are my own.***

You know, any time Art Gallery Fabrics reaches out and asks if you would be interested in working with one of their lines, well that’s a pretty great day. And when that line is a beautiful as Katarina Roccella’s new line Imprint, that is a pretty fabulous day!

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a couple of months now. I searched the mighty Internets looking for a modern house block that was versatile enough to work with solids, modern prints, contemporary prints, or even a more scrappy look. I was ultimately inspired by the different versions of a particular style of wall shelf I came across several times on Pinterest–it reminded me of a framed out house. After I saw Imprint in person, the Dwelling pattern was a sealed deal!



Imprint strikes a truly lovely balance between neutral prints and tones that work like low volume in grey, and punchy blues, yellows and pinks that make for some contrast. The prints are modern with an urban block printed edge that I think works beautifully as blenders or feature prints (uh hi, that’s like the holy grail of prints). What I REALLY love is that my Dwelling quilt would look great in any space thanks to the Imprint fabrics–the pink (which is totally bananas in person–SO VIBRANT) doesn’t feel specifically feminine, it just adds the perfect spot of color!

IMG_9190 IMG_9191

I’m just all kinds of puffy-heart-eyes over these grey blenders! These prints are beautiful in  pictures, and straight up STUNNING in person–one of those rare lines that look even better once you have them in your hands. See the background print in the bottom right block pictured above? It is a soft grey with the prettiest aqua droplets and it is destined to become a new top for me. It’s pretty magical and my newest obsession.

Clean, modern lines and saturated color paired with timeless neutrals and an updated take on a house block–basically my heart is straight up exploding. I’m thrilled with how this quilt turned out–what would YOU make with Imprint? Also, is there any interest in the pattern for my Dwelling block? Let me know what you think in the comments!

In case you  missed the links above, here is a handy list of links for more Imprint goodness!

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Katarina Roccella

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2 Responses to Dwelling Quilt with Art Gallery Fabrics

  1. Marcia Watson says:

    I have always loved house quilts and this one is a must make. Where can I find the pattern?

  2. Wonderful design. I love this quality fabric.

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