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Watershed Quilt by HollyGetsQuilty

I have been neglecting my poor Watershed quilt–I finished it last fall and entered it into the small quilts category at ¬†QuiltCon 2015 and it it was accepted! It didn’t win any prizes but it was so cool (and such an honor) seeing it hanging in the show among so many other beautiful quilts. I’m entering it now in the Spring 2015 Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

This quilt pattern was inspired by the Native American symbol for a water house and I imagined each circle was a different cross section of a canal or water tower. Living in the desert has made me more aware and grateful for water, especially since the last several years we have averaged only an inch or two of rainfall. It is 29′ x 28′ (114″ diameter).

I quilted Watershed on my domestic machine in patterns that simulate movement of water (or at least that is what I was going for!) I left some larger sections unquilted to reflect the way that water ripples with some irregularity. Ironically, the only feedback I received from Quilt Con was that it could have been more densely quilted. To each their own I guess!IMG_6517-2

The quilt top is made using a combination of foundation paper piecing with both a printed pattern and improv piecing. I pulled a mix of my favorite blues and blue-greens from my stash, and the background is Essex Linen in Flax. The circles are not reverse appliqued as some had assumed.

IMG_6524-2 IMG_6532-2

The back is simple improv piecing.

IMG_6533-2 IMG_6534-2 IMG_6545-2 IMG_6549-2

I have the pattern pieces made for this, but the instructions aren’t quite written up–my goal is to have Watershed, San Tan Star, and a paper pieced Totoro Totem all done and available for purchase by the end of June, so if you have any great resources on how to write a pattern, PLEASE pass that on to me! It is so super daunting!

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4 Responses to Watershed Quilt

  1. Darn, I missed this at QuiltCon! It is a great quilt, so I’m glad you shared it again in the Festival. I love all of the fabrics you chose and the inspiration behind the design. Great work! Sometimes, despite our best efforts to please ourselves when making a quilt, judges see things on a strictly technical level – I hope you won’t let comments dissuade you from making the quilts you want to make.

  2. I love this. The colors are my favorites. But your piecing and quilt design really blow this out of the part. So stunning.

  3. Kat says:

    Awesome quilt! You quilting just makes it.

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