Gene Pool Quilt


Gene Pool kit from Whimsy Quilts, by Holly Gets Quilty

A few months ago I partnered with the shop Whimsy Quilts to be a Whimsy Quilter for this year. I curated a special kit for one of the patterns they carried–this time we went with Gene Pool by Jen Kingwell. Most of the fabrics are from various Cotton and Steel lines, but I also added in some Anna Maria Horner, a dash of Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine, and a few solids to help break up all of the lovely pattern!


Now that it is all done up, the good news is that Whimsy Quilts will be offering kits for this same quilt so that YOU can make it! The kit will include the pattern, fabric for the quilt top, backing, and binding, all selected by yours truly!

I’m pretty in love with the results. I have to say that this was one of those quilts that I had to fight into finishing. First it spent more than a week in shipping (it got stuck in Tulsa or Seattle or something for DAYS–thanks USPS), then my whole family got sick for 3 weeks, plus I broke TWO different sewing machines in the course of working on it (due to faulty manufacturing, not because of the quilt), and then when it came time to quilt I just couldn’t make it happen on the small machine I am borrowing, so off to the quilter it went!


In the process of agonizing over this quilt I have loved, wrestled with, and then loved it again. I am planning on offering this one for purchase, but it will be a hard one to let go of after all of the work I put into it and how hard I fought to finish it!

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