Pro Tip Tuesday: Mini Quilt Hangers


I know that plenty of blogs have posts on Tuesdays that offer helpful tips and tricks. Those blogs usually post regularly, every week.

This will not  be one of those blogs.

However, “Sometimes Helpful Tips Posted On Sporadic Tuesdays Throughout the Year” isn’t exactly catchy, is it?

You know what IS catchy? These tiny little plastic rings. I mean, they CAN be catchy, if you sew them onto the back of mini quilts! This pro tip comes from Michelle Hartman, the fabulous president of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild.

If you are involved in one (or five) of the mini quilt swaps on Instagram right now, take note: this is the EASIEST way to add hangers onto your mini quilts, and speaking from personal experience, I always have extra pushpins or small nails around, but finding a dowel to use with those corner triangle tabs or hanging sleeves…I mean, maybe most legit quilters just have a dowel stash? Is that a thing?


You can find these rings at your local Joanns, Hobby Lobby, etc…anywhere they have drapery supplies. Just look by all of the odds and ends you use to make custom window hangings. Buy a pack for a couple bucks, handstitch one to the back top corners, and then feel all smug about how easy that was.


You’ve just received your first Pro Tip.

Have any of you done this before? What is your favorite method to add hangers to your mini (or full sized) quilts? And do you have a dowel supply?

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One Response to Pro Tip Tuesday: Mini Quilt Hangers

  1. Michelle says:

    It may not be an official quilt hanger way, but it’s quick, easy, and removable if it needs to be. 🙂

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