Winged Blog Tour


It’s here! Monday marked the beginning of the WINGED BLOG TOUR! I’m still feverishly finishing my project to share later this month, but I’m crazy excited about how it’s all coming together. Like, sometimes you think that maybe your final project with resemble your vision, but this time it’s all coming out JUST like I envisioned (and I’m absolutely stopping every 30 minutes to make my husband admire my work).

Bonnie Christine’s (of Going Home to Roost) line is one of those that made me do a double take when I first saw it. The pretty pastels and rich muted tones of the colorways are not something that I would normally be drawn to, but these prints just SING, and she has such an impeccable eye for pattern that I was completely drawn to them. They are also produced by the lovely Art Gallery Fabrics, so you know they are heaven to touch.

You can follow along with the Blog Tour by clicking on the image–it will take you to the post that links up to all of the amazing bloggers participating, and keep checking back here for my project later in November!

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