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With October come and finally gone, I’ve cleaned up and finished a few small projects on my sewing to-do list and I’m focusing on three specific projects for the month of November. Sometimes limiting myself makes me feel all constrained, and bored, and a little stabby from being tired of working on the same thing for too long, BUT at this time of year when I need to focus I find that strict deadlines and limitations help me knock things off of my list.

First up on my list is finishing up my mini quilt for the #IGminiswap on Instagram. My partner has very different (read:traditional) taste, so it has been a challenge to make something that melds my aesthetic with what she likes. I’ve been busy paper piecing a bird block flanked by half square triangles (HSTs) with the intention of hand-quilting some part of this. I keep going back and forth on this project though. I think the colors are right, and from her Pinterest account I know she likes birds, but I’m not sure if this is the final direction I will take. There are lots of low volume, pastels, brights and hopefully some pretty trimmings to add before it is all done!



Second on my list is a special project for the Winged Blog Tour, featuring Bonnie Christine’s line Winged. I’m crazy excited to work with her beautiful fabric to make something fun and different! I can’t reveal much until my turn on the blog tour, but for now I’ll leave you with a little sneak peek! (Not my final workup of what I’m making, but this is the bulk of my fabric pull for the project–these rich colors are speaking to my soul!)


My final quilty item on the to-do list is TOP SECRET! I’m working on a new pattern for a quilt I may be submitting to a quilt show! I’m loving how it is all coming together and can’t wait to show you the finished project in the next couple of weeks, but you guys, I am SUPER nervous about submitting it to a show. I mean, if it isn’t picked then it’s not a big deal, but it is scary putting your work out to be judged and criticized by a panel of professionals! If you have any tips on how to survive with nerves in tact, please let me know!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about the Winged Blog Tour–you guys are going to LOVE what all of them makers are coming up with!

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