Fall, Orange, and Getting Something Done

You guys, it hasn’t hit 100 degrees in like, 10 days, so I think it’s finally safe to say that fall is here. Good thing too, because I was D-O-N-E sweating through the heat and humidity of our monsoon season. Now we have highs in the 90’s and I’m already pulling out my favorite sweaters and jeans and shopping for new boots.

Also, Halloween! I have a love/hate thing going with Halloween.



Tons of candy? Love. Dressing up in costumes? Love. Decorating  for an indulgently fun holiday? LOVE. But this holiday has so. much. ORANGE. And that is the part I hate.

I don’t mind orange in very small doses mind you, but I have a really hard time decorating for Halloween when EVERYTHING is saturated with the color. I’m trying to work on that, especially now that I have at least one kid who is old enough to be excited about plastering my walls with orange construction paper pumpkins, and this year I finally made a few pillows that, though mostly white and black (my go-to Halloween and fall decorating palette) actually have a bit of orange in them. Progress you guys, and yeah, I’m totally patting myself on the back for this.



These little pumpkin blocks came together super fast using a paper piecing pattern I whipped up. Is anybody interested in a free download of the pattern? It’s nothing fancy but if it would save anyone the work of figuring it out on their own then I am happy to share it! Leave me a comment and let me know, m’kay?



This pumpkin pillow is going to live at my mom’s house, but it was so easy and came together super fast, so I might just make a black and white version for myself! Tutorial from Amy at Diary of a Quilter (click on link for the full tutorial)!





This Halloween Cat Star block is my favorite new thing. I used the pattern from Schnitzel and Boo and tweaked a couple things to make it fit my aesthetic. Also, lots of bunting and tassels. Always.

I have one more bit of Halloween sewing to finishing up (table runner for my mom) and then it’s on to costumes for the kiddos. And THEN back to that to-do list I mentioned in the last post. But for now, it feels nice just to get something done.

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2 Responses to Fall, Orange, and Getting Something Done

  1. Karen Ann says:

    I adore your pumpkins and amazing pillow. Would appreciate your paper pieced patterns….perfect timing!

  2. Bell Moore says:

    Sew cute, I would like to receive your paper priced pumpkin pattern!

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