A New Place

Welcome my quilting friends of the interwebs! I’m never entirely sure what to write for a first post. I feel like perhaps an introduction is in order, but then isn’t that what “About Me” sections are for? Or maybe I should invite you to explore my new website, but if you take me up on that please bear with me as much of it is still under construction (ahem, a computer-genius-coding-phenom I am not). But I think instead I just want to say hello, and however you find yourself here, I am glad to have you.

This space is meant to give me a place to open a dialogue about quilts. That’s it really. It’s possible some of my personal life will pop up. It’s almost a guarantee that I will talk about TV since I really watch too much of it–anyone else love to play The Mindy Show while piecing? But really, quilting. That’s my jam.

Come on in. Leave a comment if you feel so inclined. And again, welcome to this new place of mine.

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