Oh What Fun and a Sweet Holiday Set


I think maybe most people wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for the winter holidays, right? Maybe after Halloween if they are really excited?

Early Christmas decorators get a lot of flack for overlooking other holidays, but I just always think “these people must not sew, otherwise they would have started prepping in July.”


While I didn’t actually start in the summer this year, I did sketch out some plans for what I wanted to stitch up for holiday gifts, and I made a note to come up with a little bedroom set for Cora’s room this year. We are trying not to do as many gifts so that we focus on the more important parts of the Christmas holiday, but I still wanted December to feel fun, and festive, and special. I knew that I needed some super sweet winter prints and a few different ways to use them, and the new Oh What Fun line from Hawthorne Threads is PERFECT for what I wanted to do!


After lots of cutting and sewing and hand tying (using those skills I learned from the older quilters at church back when I was 12), I ended up with circle bunting, a festive word banner, a pieced cathedral pillow, a sweet (if somewhat wonky) stuffed tree, and a light whole cloth quilt (perfect for our relatively warm winters!)

Like a lot of Hawthorne Threads’ lines, Oh What Fun has the best balance between sweet and whimsy, with out being cheesy and cartoon-ish. I mean, if novelty prints are your jam then more power to you! I just really love that this line is something that she isn’t going to outgrow any time soon.


I mean, those animals faces were just begging to be fussy cut, right?? Major heart eyes over here for this print.


The circle bunting was so easy, and the way the colors get all punchy against the white wool felt was exactly what I hoped for!

hollygetsquilty circle bunting

The quilt was dead easy too–it is a 2 yard piece of backing (the Christmas ball print) and two layers of cotton gauze. I bought a 4 yard cut and just folded it over, pinned, tied with coordinating Aurifil floss and embroidery thread from my stash, bound and BAM. Super soft, cuddly winter throw. I think that this may have been my favorite piece. If you have never hand tied a quilt before, I think this is a super easy and more modern way to try it out. My only advice would be to pin the gauze way more than you think you need too because that stuff stretched like crazy!

hollygetsquilty easy tied quilt

I can’t wait for Cora to come home and see her spiffed up room today–she is going to be so excited (and I wont point out that it isn’t quite December yet!)


Do you want to get your hands on some of this gorgeous line? I know that you do–so how about a giveaway for THREE YARDS of this goodness?!


To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you would make with the fabric if you win! For a bonus entry, go check out the line HERE and leave a second comment with your favorite print from the line!

***WINNER: Jessica Schunke! Check your email!***

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Observer Arrowhead


Sometimes all of the stars align and you get to make exactly what you want with the exact fabric you wanted most for the project, and the heavens open and angels sing.

This is one of those projects.

I’m pretty sure exactly NO ONE is surprised that April Rhodes’ new line Observer is like, my soulmate of fabric collections. I’m all about that indigo! I fell hard for the moody blues and those delicious yellows–they’re not quite mustard and not quite citrine, but they feel tangy and rich. And let’s not forget the copper metallic accents! April totally nailed it with this collection. Again.

I knew from the minute Art Gallery announced the line and posted the swatches, that this fabric was destined to end up on my bed. It’s just that good. I picked up a pattern for the Arrowhead Quilt by Initial K Studios this summer while traveling and it just marries so well with Observer.

BEHOLD, the quilt my heart has been dreaming of:

Arrowhead Quilt by HollyGetsQuilty

I have this vision of turning that indigo dyed print into an amazing gown with a 5 foot train. Does anyone want to trade quilting services for seamstress skills? Because I need to be sashaying through life wearing that pattern.



This time I had the project quilted by my awesome local longarm gal, and guess what? This time she talked me into trying a high quality bright white polyester batting! I mean, its not the puffy mess we all remember from our childhood (everyone has memories of that batting from their childhood, right?) This was good stuff. As thin as my usual cotton batting, but nice and dense at the same time. For the most part the move to polyester had to do with the way Warrm and Natural can contain flecks that show through white fabric–there is a LOT of white on this quilt. It also holds the fabric better by tending to bunch and shrink less after washing.

So far I am very happy with how is looks and feels…I’m not usually a fan of the crinkling effect like other people. And I cannot wait to see how much it softens with washing and wear. She assured me that it will get more drapey but that it will just take more washes to get it that way than cotton does. That’s ok. I can be patient for that kind of payoff.

But seriously, I washed it yesterday and those quilting lines are just as crisp and clean as when they came off her longarm!


I mean, that texture. Those fabrics. They are eeeeeverything people!


There is seriously so much more eye candy on this blog tour, and you can find links to all the posts on April’s website HERE! Plus, be sure to check out what the hugely talented Christine Haynes has to share on Thursday by visiting her blog at christinehaynes.com.


Huge thanks to Art Gallery Fabrics and April Rhodes for inviting me to participate in this blog tour, and for providing the fabric to make this masterpiece. You both have my little quilters heart for forever!

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Bohemian Baby and the Jitters

Another day, another baby quilt, another pattern by Suzy Quilts!

Holly Gets Quilty

My sweet friend Carly just had her first baby girl (after three boys!) and when I asked what style of baby quilt she wanted, she requested something with a Bohemian feel. I know that she loves pretty desert inspired prints too, so after raiding my stash I pulled out some of my very favorite fabrics and I bought the Triangle Jitters pattern from Suzy Quilts (you can find that HERE).

I’m so pleased with how this turned out! I tweaked the color layout just a bit by adding in that beautiful golden yellow as a fourth color and this quilt is ready for the Bohemian Desert baby girl!HollyGetsQuilty

The quilting is simple straight lines that follow the arrangement of the half square triangles, and it crinkled up beautifully in the wash.

HollyGetsQuiltyHollyGetsQuiltyThe backing might be my favorite fabric in the quilt! It is a pretty, thick woven that reminds me a bit of a serape, but because the right side of the fabric had some blues that were to teal and bright, I flipped it over so that the “wrong” side is facing out. It is more muted with purples rather than blues, and it was perfect! I bought this at Joann’s a year or more ago and I haven’t seen any since sadly.

Fabric used in the quilt includes:

Tomahawk from the Arizona line by April Rhodes

Survey Ochre from the Bound line by April Rhodes

Cactus Field Fun and Wispy Daybreak Aura from the Morning Walk line by Leah Duncan

Woodblock Indigo and Spirit Animal in snow prints from the Mesa line by Cotton and Steel

Sharp in Grey from the Doe line by Carolyn Friedlander

Stitches in Petunia from Carkai line by Carolyn Friedlander


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Kitty Keeper Baskets & The Kitten Around Block

This week I made a few fabric baskets using the Hour Basket Pattern from Hearts and Bees and the Kitten Around Block from Michael Ann Made.


I’m not a cat person AT ALL when it comes to real kitties. I’m afraid they will bite me or scratch me, and they don’t give the same obvious physical cues that dogs do. Plus all of that hair and the whole litterbox thing…just, no thanks. However, if we are talking about cats on fabric, I am ALL OVER THAT. I even have a crazy cat lady quilt in the planning stages.

Kitty Keeper Baskets

This block is part of a set of three designed by MMIMIIM and you can find them in her craftsy shop HERE. Paper pieced cats? That is more my speed!

kitty keeper basket

Now I have kitties that wont bite me or bring small dead animals in house, and I do have storage for my wonderclips and crafting yarn. Win-win, right? I’m calling these my Kitty Keeper baskets.

kitty keeper basketPurchase your own copy of the Kitten Around Block HERE, and it’s on sale for a very limited time!

Happy Sewing!

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Fishing Net

IMG_9833I love testing patterns for friends. Whether I know them in real life or via Instagram, pattern testing is perfect for those times when I feel like I’ve lost my sewing mojo. It keeps me cutting and pressing and stitching and pulling fabric, and that usually kicks me in the pants and gets my creative impulses jumpstarted–it must be something about keeping up the tactile experience of sewing.

Suzy from SuzyQuilts.com has some seriously bomb modern quilts, and the two patterns I’ve tried recently have both been super easy to follow and the most recent pattern, Fishing Net was hands down the fastest baby quilt I have ever made! The pattern is simple and clean, and it’s definitely beginner friendly, but my FAVORITE part is that is is PERFECT FOR BOYS.

Fishing Net

Do you know how hard it is to find baby-boy quilt patterns? I mean, there are lots of “cute” patterns available, but I have found it is really difficult to find patterns that are modern without skewing feminine. Maybe you know of some you want to share with me? Anyway, this pattern. So so good for boys and girls–it’s all about fabric choice. And this quilt, which can be finished in one day (!!!) is crazy versatile depending on the fabrics and colors you pull. I used some Sarah Watson yardage I’ve been hoarding, a pretty grey linen blend that will wash up so so soft, and that bomb April Rhodes Canyon Wall print for both the top and binding. The quilting is simple because I like that for babies (it feels more snuggly to me) but this pattern has plenty of negative space just begging for some fab quilting!

Fishing Net

Fishing Net

This pattern is available NOW on Suzy’s website:


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